Ski maintenace

Do you struggle with bad sliding on your cross-country skiis or maybe the edges need some attention? We are here to help you!

Open during the Ski Centre's opening hours

Alpine skis and snowboards both need regular maintenance of their sole and edges to ensure the best possible ski experince. The ski workshop will help you with all types of repairs, mounting av skis and adjustments of ski bindings.

Below are the prices of different types of prepping of the skis at Skistua and Norefjell Ski & Spa workshops

Wax NOK 50 per pair Jr(>130) 50%
Hand Wax NOK 150 per pair Jr(>130) 50%
Sideedges and machinewax NOK 250 per pair Jr(>130) 50%
Standard - grinding, sideedges and wax NOK 370 per pair - Snowboard + NOK 100 Jr(>130) 200
Extra - Filling of scratches/marks, grinding, sideedges and wax NOK 470 per pair - Snowboard + NOK 100 Jr(>130) 350
Mounting of ski bindings NOK 400 per pair - Remounting + NOK 50 Jr(>130) 400 - remounting + NOK 50
Other repairs and work NOK 600 per hour + materiales Also applies for cross-country skiing

We recommend that you deliver your skis in the afternoon and pick them up the morning after.

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