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For mountain bike fanatics

The undisputed king of mountain trails on Norefjell is the DNT’s trail to Høgevarde. The trip is around 22 km with a height difference of about 600 metres.

The best place to start the bike trip is at Norefjellstua, using the trail that ascends alongside the Fjellekspressen (the chairlift). Just before reaching the summit, stay on the DNT’s trail the rest of the way up.

The first part of the cycling trip involves technical climbing but this will become easier once you pass the upper side of Bøseter. It would be a good idea to save energy here because you have a lot of climbing ahead of you.

You can cycle the whole way to Høgevarde, apart from Augunshaug itself. Once you have reached the summit, the terrain is lightly undulating and easier into the mountains. Even though you will need to concentrate on the trail, it is still important to stop now and then so that you can take in the surroundings. If you’re lucky you may encounter reindeer on the trip.


Once you’ve reached the Høgevardehytta (cabin) the final stretch up to the Høgevarde summit, at 1459 metres above sea level, is a must. One of the finest views in Norway. This is the second-best view of Norway and offers a magnificent panorama of the country, where you can see all the way to Rondane, about 185 km away. On the summit is a metal vane showing you what you are looking at and how far away it is.

A mandatory stop, either before or after you visit the summit, is Høgevardehytta where you can enjoy a well-deserved waffle with sour cream and jam. The start of your trip is now about 600 metres below you, and there’s just a couple of uphill sections left before you reach the summit. However, from here, it’s plain sailing along the DNT’s trail. Make sure that your helmet is properly secured and that you are fully focused before you start cycling. You should be cautious when descending Augunshaug, but there will then be many opportunities to keep up a good pace. There is obviously an option to combine the trip with a foray up Ravnås or cycle all the way down to the valley via the “Norefjell – dalen med stipartier” route. Then you will have many trails at your disposal with a height difference of 1300 metres.

The Høgevarde trail is also a great round trip. You can cycle to Tempelseter and continue up to Høgevarde or to the Høgevarde cabin area and up to the summit However, the DNT’s trails will give you the greatest pleasure.

Have a great trip and take it easy!