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For keep-fit fanatics and electric cyclists

A trip through the valley will appeal to keep-fit fanatics. The possibilities are endless, depending on how far you wish to cycle.

A trip through the valley will appeal to keep-fit fanatics. The possibilities are endless, depending on how far you wish to cycle.

If you would like to cycle to Noresund you should look for the trip called “Norefjell – dalen med stipartier” in Norwegian. If you only want to cycle along dirt trails, then choose the trip called “Familietur til dalen utenom fjellveien”. These trips follow the Fossli and Bjøreelva rivers as they wind down the valley and there are some great stopping points along the way. The crossing of the Bjøreelva (river) close to the bottom of the valley is a magnificent experience! You cross the river on a concrete road but be aware that there can be a lot of water flowing over the road and you may get your feet wet.

Once you have reached the main trail around the lake you can choose from many options, depending on how far you would like to cycle. One of the trips is called “rundt fjorden” and lasts for 30 km before you start climbing towards the mountain. This is an excellent trip along the lake and can easily be combined with a stop at Krøderen Kro (cafe) or Noresund before you start ascending the hilly sections towards the mountains. You will also pass many bathing areas and the bathing area at Krøderen station is an idyllic location. During the summer, there is a kiosk open at the station.

If a 50 km trip is too short for you then you should choose the trip called “Ringesrunden”. The total trip length is at least 80 km and there are not many options for food and drink along the way. You should first cycle the “Ringnesveien” until you cross the Ringeselva river after about 10 km, before turning off to the left. You are now facing an uphill section of about 10 km. It is steep at the start, before levelling out after about 3 km. You have now entered Ringnesmarka, a virtually unspoiled wilderness. There are wonderful views towards the mountains and you will also see some beautiful waterfalls beneath Ravnås. When you reach the summit and dive down towards Gulsvik, you have many downhill sections to look forward to before cycling back along a lightly undulating trail by the fjord. Ringesrunden itself is around 40 km, before you cycle along Ringnesveien and the floodlit trail back to Noresund.

No matter what trip you take through the valley, the trip back to the mountain is a wonderful ascent. If you prefer something short and intense, then you should cycle along Gamleveien from Norefri to Skistua. Remember to enjoy the view as you go! The “easy” route is up the mountain trail. You can cycle along one of the trails you descended on, then up Rundskogen or via Heslia, which is the longest and perhaps most beautiful route.

No matter which route you choose, you can enjoy a well-deserved evening in the spa or on the sofa after one of these trips.

Have a great trip!