Visit Norefjell Things to see & do Cycling For keep-fit enthusiasts and electric cyclists

For keep-fit enthusiasts and electric cyclists

If you would like to challenge yourself a little in order to stay in shape, there are many options.

Here are some trip options starting at Norefjell Ski & Spa and we will guide you around Soleseter runden and Norehammeren. The trip starts with a hilly section that lasts for about 2 km and you will pass Kjærlighetshaugen after about 1.5 km.

If you like you could take a short break here or 500 metres further along the trail at Leppejuv where you cross the Fosslielva (river). Kjærlighetshaugen offers beautiful views across the forest landscape and up to the high mountains. At Leppejuv there is an idyllic oasis with a river running by. Straight after crossing the river, you should turn to the left. The trail descends here so you can just enjoy the breeze!

Descend along the dirt trail until you reach the asphalt path. Enjoy some more downhill sections and a wonderful view before turning down towards Hornsjøen, Norefjell’s most beautiful lake. If you are wearing proper shoes, then it’s worth taking a hike along the left side of the lake to the waterfall at the end. Hornsjøen is a beautiful lake with many bathing opportunities.

The return journey is back the same way and you continue along the main dirt trail and the asphalt path towards Norefjell Ski & Spa. If you’d like to cycle more, continue along the road towards the ski centre, about 1 km past the junction to Norefjell Ski & Spa. 10 metres before the descent to Noreheim is a dirt trail for cycling. Hold tight and enjoy the downhill sections! Once you reach Norehammerveien you can choose whether to turn right or left, and ride along a slightly undulating dirt trail until you reach the asphalt path.

Then you start the rather arduous climb back to the hotel. The heaviest part of the climb is up past the Mountain Lodge. This is great exercise but make sure to take it easy at the beginning. Once you have completed the ascent to Norefjellstua, the trail levels out and is then slightly undulating all the way to Norefjell Ski & Spa.

These round trips can be extended using parts of other round trips and you can cycle from 10–30 km in the mountains.

Have a great trip!