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A cycling trip with the family

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For the family we recommend starting with a ride up to Kjærlighetshaugen. This is a circular trail and most people choose to start at Norefjell Ski & Spa. There is quite a heavy uphill section at the beginning. Some people may need to push their bikes a bit – but take it easy and enjoy yourself! The first hilly section, which lasts for around 1.5 km, offers you a beautiful view from the summit of Kjærlighetshaugen.

Once you’ve reached the gapahuk (open-fronted shelter) by Kjærlighetshaugen, it might be an idea to take a short break and have something to eat. Once you’ve reached Kjærlighetshaugen you can relax because the hilly section is behind you and, from this point onwards, it’s downhill all the way. Take the dirt trail towards Norefjellstua. The terrain here is flat and slightly undulating but is largely downhill. There’s a great view down to the hotel along the whole trail. What’s great about this trip is that you can choose how far you want to cycle. The first opportunity to turn off towards the hotel is on the lower side of Øvre Bøeseterheis. This trip is around 6 km.

If you would like a longer trip then you can continue cycling on the trail towards Norefjellstua, up a small hill and through an area of marshland. Here you take another right turn, descend a hill, then turn right again and follow the trail all the way down to the hotel. This trip is around 7 km.

If you feel up for it, you can cycle all the way to Norefjellstua. From Norefjellstua you then follow the asphalt path back to Norefjell Ski & Spa. This trip is around 10 km and gives you a great view of the valley along the way.

As you get closer to the hotel, and if you have some energy remaining, it would be great to finish the trip with a couple of rounds of the lake or over Skibrua, keeping right, back to Ski & Spa.

Have a great trip!