A gentle cycling trip with the family? Or an intense day mountain biking?– see the options!

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Trailguide gives you access to several cycling tours in the Norefjell area.

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A cycling trip with the family

For the family we recommend starting with a ride up to Kjærlighetshaugen. This is a circular trail and most people choose to start at Norefjell Ski & Spa. There is quite a heavy uphill section at the beginning. Some people may need to push their bikes a bit – but take it easy and enjoy yourself! The first hilly section, which lasts for around 1.5 km, offers you a beautiful view from the summit of Kjærlighetshaugen.

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For keep-fit enthusiasts and electric cyclists

If you would like to challenge yourself a little in order to stay in shape, there are many options. Here are some trip options starting at Norefjell Ski & Spa and we will guide you around Soleseter runden and Norehammeren. The trip starts with a hilly section that lasts for about 2 km and you will pass Kjærlighetshaugen after about 1.5 km.

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For keep-fit fanatics and electric cyclists

A trip through the valley will appeal to keep-fit fanatics. The possibilities are endless, depending on how far you wish to cycle.

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For mountain bike fanatics

The undisputed king of mountain trails on Norefjell is the DNT’s trail to Høgevarde. The trip is around 22 km with a height difference of about 600 metres. 

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