Bathing places

Fresh mountain lakes – or sand between your toes? See our beautiful bathing places.


A delightful beach close to the road to Ringnes, on the western side of Lake Krøderen. Suitable for the whole family. Short distance from Noresund town centre.

Parking: Above the beach

How to get there




Beautiful beach, a short distance from Prestfoss town centre. Kiosk/food outlet on the beach. Perfect for small children.

Parking: By the beach/along the road | WC: Close to the parking area

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Kvennaberga – River in Eggedal

Kvennaberga has natural water slides and “jacuzzies” – a perfect spot for all ages! Located on the road to the Madonna Statue.

Parking: Along the road | WC: Eggedal town centre

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A lake right below Norefjell Ski og Spa – beautiful white beaches in high mountains.

Parking: At the hotel | WC: At the hotel | Other: Canoe rental

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M/S Kryllingen

Would you like to explore Krøderfjord? Welcome on board M/S Kryllingen!

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Larsen Stranda

Sand between your toes just below the Krøderen Line/Krøderen station. Short distance from Krøderen town centre.

Parking: On the road, north of the beach.

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