By car

Norefjell is less than two hours from Oslo by car. Use the map to find your quickest route to the mountains.

Directions to Norefjell

Oslo to Norefjell, via E16

100 km, approx. 1½-hour drive.
Leaving Oslo, follow the E18 towards Drammen and Sandvika for approx. 10 km. Exit at Sandvika and follow the E16 towards Hønefoss for approx. 1 hour (45 km). At the roundabout, take the RV7 exit signposted Gol. After approx. 20 km, take the second exit at the roundabout and follow the road to Noresund.

Oslo to Norefjell, via RV35 / 287

From Oslo to Eggedal – about 2 hours.

Leaving Oslo, follow the E18 towards Drammen for approx. 30 minutes. When you reach Drammen, follow the signs to Hokksund and continue on the E134 for about 30 minutes. In Hokksund, follow the signs for Åmot and the RV35 for approx. 20 minutes. Turn right, following the signs for Eggedal. In Åmot, turn left to Eggedal and follow the RV287 for 50 minutes. On the way, you will pass through Prestfoss before arriving in Eggedal.

From Eggedal to Tempelseter

Once you have driven through Eggedal town centre, you will see a sign to Tempelseter on your right. Follow this road right to the top and you will reach the car park at Tempelseter Fjellstue.

This is a toll road (NOK 60 for cars).

From Eggedal to Madonnastien.

Drive through the centre of Eggedal, and after about 1 km you will see a sign and should turn left. Follow the road for about 3 km to the tollgate. The toll is NOK 70 for cars. The road is well surfaced but narrow, so please bear in mind that you may meet other vehicles and adjust your speed accordingly. After a few kilometres you will reach the car park at Madonnastien. There are basic toilet facilities here.

From Eggedal to Haglebu

Drive through the centre of Eggedal and follow the RV287 for approx. 30 minutes until you reach Haglebu.

Toll road to Norefjell

To reach upper Norefjell, you will have to pass through a tollgate at the bottom of the road that goes up the mountain. Prices:

Car/bus/lorry: NOK 50

An annual pass is available, which runs for one year deom the date of purchase: NOK 1,000


To get to the mountain:
1: Drive through the tollgate.
2: Visit and enter your car registration number within 48 hours to avoid an invoicing fee.
3: Go to , set up a user account, and you will be charged automatically when you drive through the tollgate.

To purchase an annual pass, e-mail:

If you have any questions regarding the toll road, call +47 22 84 92 00

GPS coordinates: N60 13.028 E9 33.905 (WGS 84)