Noreheim lies in the heart of Norefjell and accommodates 56 guests, including private and business groups.

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Located right in the centre of Norefjell, Noreheim lies at an altitude of 740 m and offers panoramic views from the mountainside. This makes it the perfect choice for meetings, launches and private events.

As a rule, guests will have the whole premises to themselves. Staying at Noreheim is an interesting experience compared to a regular hotel: instead of hotel rooms, you will find spacious cabins that are furnished in a romantic farm style, yet modern.

Whether you are looking for somewhere for a wedding with 80 guests or a management meeting with 15, this place offers a unique atmosphere. Our local chefs prepare dishes based on local ingredients, and provide the personal service that Noreheim is known for.

Noreheim also holds well-being events throughout the year.
We can accommodate 56 overnight guests, 60 conference guests and 80 diners.

We look forward to welcoming you!